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fire detection systems

Fire Detection Systems

A fire detection system (FDS) is an alarm system that receives data on, assesses and then responds to events reported by various fire detectors. Equity Fire Solutions does provide fire safety installation in Cape Town. Fire detection systems are permanently installed manual and automatic systems to detect fires at an early stage, warn those affected and quickly inform the relevant emergency service.

Fire detection systems are mostly installed in buildings particularly at risk such as airports, train stations, universities, schools, business and factory premises, residential homes for the elderly and hospitals. The building permit issued by the building inspectorate or the insurance cover specified by the South African Inspectorate for Fire Protection states whether there is an obligation to install a fire detection system connected to the fire brigade.

Design & operation of a fire detection system

Equity Fire Solutions Schema fire alarm addressable system wiring diagram pdf New System Sensor Smoke Detector Wiring Diagram Simple System Sensor All parts of the building to be monitored are equipped with a network of electric cables and automatic/non-automatic detectors. These detectors are operated either manually or triggered automatically by heat, visible or invisible smoke, or flames.
Only the detectors in the immediate vicinity of the fire are activated, sending a report to the fire detection control panel. From here, the information can be forwarded to a permanently manned unit and/or the fire brigade. Those affected are also warned. Once the fire has been extinguished, the system can be made operational again quickly and simply.

System Design

Before starting, the designer will need to ensure that certain information is available. This may be given in the specification or it may have to be obtained by consultation. As well as the purchaser, there may be a requirement to consult with other interested parties

Points to consider

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